Some of our past and recent work


Martini - Countdown to Sundown

Lexus - The new Lexus RX

Direct Asia TVC

JP Morgan Chase - Corporate video

Danger Zone - Fukushima - CNA

Who Do You Think You Are -Julie Chen -Shed Media-TLC

Scorpion King 3 - EPK - Universal

Shanghai - EPK / BTS

Orange Business Services - Corporate video

AIG - Safe Driving Challenge

Slow Loris Animal Cruelty - National Geographic Channel

Directing reel for Brand New Media Projects

Lost Freetown - Documentary

The Ferris Wheel - Reality - HDnet

Marina Bay Sands - Celebrity Chefs

360 VR - Google - Gay pride

Secret Eats with Adam Richman

NAFA - Nanyang Academy of Fine Arts

Mercedes-Benz TVC series

Undercover Asia - Freedom or Death - CNA

Interview: Singapore's PM Lee - Beijing TV

MasterCard PayPass - SuperModelMe - Ad

Danger Zone - West Bank

MH370 plane disapearance - CNN

HAVI - MacDonald's - Corporate Video

WSJ: Singapore elections

Thailand - Red shirts crackdown -  AFP TV

Burma VJ - Documentary (Oscar nominated)

Rexona TVC - Asia

DAN Bunkering  - Corporate video

Bunker Holding - Recruitement video

Rexona TVC - Latin America

Singapore Tourism Board - Christmas on Orchard 360

21st Century Sex Slaves - National Geographic Channel

Singapore Tourism Board - Parkour

League Of Legends World Championship-Live Multicam

Dark Dung Blend - Nat Geo Wild

Inside Myanmar - The Crackdown - Al Jazeera 

National University Hospital - Corporate video

Kamala school - After the Tsunami - Euronews

Myanmar - Moustache brothers- Al Jazeera