Freelancer contract

No Poaching Clause:

  • I. Freelancer agrees via form below that they will not approach nor compete for client’s accounts without prior formal consent of Aasia Productions Pte Ltd at any time during the contracted course of your retention, and/or for a time of 3 years after freelancer and Company terminate project contract.
  • II. This non-competition agreement is deemed effective whether freelancer leaves voluntarily, or is involuntarily terminated. It also stands effective in spite of any other breach of associated contract.
  • III. This non-competition agreement fairly covers actions interpreted as either direct or indirect at the discretion of Aasia Productions Pte Ltd.
  • IV. This non-competition agreement applies to the freelancer as an individual and also to any other company, partnership, employee relationship, contracted relationship or similar that the freelancer enters into.
  • V. The term 'Client account' applies to any Brand, Agency, Company or individual client that has hired Aasia Productions, for a project where the freelancer was present.
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